Bio and CV   (trouvé mon bio en français à la suite)

   Christine Charette is a multi-disciplinary French-Métis artist who works intuitively and metaphorically.  Originally from North Bay, Charette has lived in Vancouver, London, Toronto and Montréal.  Since 1991, Christine’s professional practice includes explorations in painting, textiles, printing, drawing, recycled object sculpture, photography, installation, video, poetry, and sound.  She has had many exhibitions in London Ontario, North Bay, Powassan, South River, and Montréal Québec. In her work Charette explores themes such as women’s work, nesting, isolation, mothering, identity, the environment, natural cycles, and the ancient.

     Christine has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction, from Nipissing University, a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts and English, and she has taught Art since the year 2000 in a variety of private and public settings. Charette was a Learning/Living Through the Arts Instructor with the Royal Conservatory, in visual arts, fiber arts, and music for all ages.  Charette interweaves her skills when teaching, bringing layers of artistic knowledge into a well rounded learning process.  Christine believes that children are the visionary wonders of the world.  “Keeping a positive child like vision, and keeping it alive in others is what being an artist is about”, Charette says. “When we allow wisdom and cultural experiences to permeate our expressive language, the sharing deepens our human experience on multiple levels. When we don’t express our creativity, we are missing out on the full human experience.”

     Charette planted her seeds as an artist at a very young age.  Spending time in her grandmother's fabric store called Lil’s Remnant Shop, sifting through bins of assorted fabric, launched her journey into the tactile world of mixed-media art. Stimulated by the colour and texture of cloth, she also recalls diving her hands into buckets of smooth buttons where a lasting impression was made by the aesthetic stimulus and the mystery of what lie beneath.  Charette believes this was when she began to develop her keen sense of colour, shape, sound, and desire for pattern.   All the textile work she experienced and crafted as a child, continues to influence her artwork today.  “The intuitive process I tap into certainly draws on the thread I have to this past world of humming sewing machines, pins, thread, pattern, and fiber.”  Charette’s Mother, her Aunt, and her Grand-Mothers are the matriarchs who play significant roles in her work both directly and indirectly through narratives of nesting, mending, Matriarchy, and environment.


Art Shows -Christine Charette  

(With many random workshops, jams, pop-ups, and happenings not listed.)


Solo Shows

2020- "Room Innate" @WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON/Mixed Media Installation/Sharing the Gallery with another artist-Two solo exhibits in one space, curated theme and title for both: Our Bodies Our Land.

2017- “SEWING SOUNDS” @NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art), South River, ON/Creating a site specific sound art installation from found objects for an interactive annual "Sound Bash" art event and sound performance.

2012- “MENDING, A Woman’s Work is Never Done...”@ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON /Object mono-prints, lithography, screen prints, etchings, sewn paper, and clothes line installation.

2011-“HANDHELD”@ Renée’s Café, South River, ON /Paintings, lithography, and mixed media prints with paper and thread

2008: “DORMANT” @ The Downstairs Gallery, Powassan, ON /Paintings and digital photography.

2007- “DORMANT” @ Renée’s Café, South River, ON (Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant) /Paintings and digital photography.

2007- “MECHANICAL WINGS” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON /Mixed Media art show: paintings, digital photography, video with sound art, fiber sculpture, found objects sculpture, and installation

2005- “ACCROUPIE”: @ Gallerie Fokus, Montreal QC. / Paintings, digital photography, sculpture, with live Sound Art/Electro-Acoustic music performance (@ opening).

1997- “AVATAR” @ Diva Gallery, London ON / Acrylic and Oil Paintings 

1995- “ESCAPING THE TAPESTRY” @ R.A.G. (Ruth Anderson Gallery), London, ON. Paintings

1993- “SHIFTING” @ Metropolis Studio, North Bay/ Paintings and Found Objects Sculpture.

1993- “THE SHAMAN “@ White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON /Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture.           


Group Shows

2019- "Respect for the Earth", Screenprint, Lino Print, Fibre Arts Installation, NRCC Project Space,  NB, ON

2019- "Super A3", Digital Photography Media Collage, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON

2019- "International Women's Day Exhibit", Acrylic Paintings, NRCC Project Space, North Bay, ON

2018- Nipissing Alumni exhibit, Textile and Print Installation, WKP Kennedy Gallery, NB, ON

2018- "Our Northern Landscapes", Acrylic Painting, NRCC Project Space, North Bay, ON

2018- “Where Does Art Begin”, Installation and Performance with Aanmitaagzi, at Big Medicine Studio for the IPAA  (Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance) Intertribal Gathering, Nipissing, North Bay, ON

2017- "The Paddle Project", Fibre Art Mixed Media Paddle, NRCC Project Space, North Bay, ON

2017- “En Masse: Forty Years of Flux”, Mixed Media, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON

2017- “The Serpent People, Story of Transformation”, with Aanmitaagzi, Installation and sound art. @ Red Rock Folk Festival, Red Rock, ON.

2016- “The Future of Human(ity)”, Acrylic Painting, Embroidery Textiles, & Screenprinting on fabric, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON

2016- "At Home in the Forest-Habitat", Site Specific Sound Art Installation,  with NAISA, New Adventures in Sound Art, multi-media, sound art exhibit. Warbler's Roost, South River, ON.

2016- "Métis Camp", Print and Textile Art Installation, Art Jam, Nipissing Curatorial, NB, ON.

2015- "Train of Thought", with Aanmitaagzi and Cross Canada Artist Run Centres, multi-disciplinary arts collaboration, in Dance, Poetry, and Sound Art. My role: Sound Artist creating soundscapes @ The Capitol Centre, North Bay, ON.

2015- “Soirée des arts, Carnaval Français" Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/ Etchings on paper

2014-"Dances of Resistance", Art, drama, and dance community based performance held at Nbissing Highschool, Nipissing, ON/I silk screen printed the costumes and painted the 10 foot Grandmother walking puppet/with Aanmitaagzi, First Nations Performance Artists Collective, (Nipissing) and Jumblies Theatre (Toronto) 

2014- “Soirée des arts, Carnaval Français" Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/ Wood-block prints on paper, North Bay, ON

2013- “Soirée des art, Carnaval Français" Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/Paintings 

2012- “Soirée des arts, Carnaval Français” Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/ Paintings and sculpture, North Bay, ON

2012- “Nipissing BFA Graduate Show” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON

2011- “CRAFTCURRENTS” inaugural Northern Ontario touring exhibition, Ontario Craft Council, Textile/Fiber Art, July 2011 to March 2012/ 34 selected artists from Northern Ontario

2011- “RETEACHING GENDRE AND SEXUALITY”, Digital Photography @ The F.A.R.M, (Fashion, Art, Retail Market) North Bay, ON

2011- “NIPISSING FAVA JURIED EXHIBITION” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON /Lithography prints

2010- “SEIZING THE MOMENT” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON / A Dance Photography Show/ Digital Photography

2010- “THE ART OF RESISTANCE” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON / National art show/Title: “Jane Jacobs”/ Woven paper, machine sewn paper and silk screen print.

2010- “OUR LINK: Under Pressure” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery for “ICE FOLLIES INSIDE”/ Our Link Under Pressure: installation piece: /Textiles, video, sound and sculpture. 

2010- “Soirée des arts, Carnaval Français” Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/ Paintings.

2009-WWG Members Show @ White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON / Mixed Media.

2009- “Soirée des Arts, Carnaval Français” Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ Invited Francophone artists/ Paintings.

2008-WWG Members Show @ White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON/ Title: “Where is God?” /Textile and Digital Photo Transfer

2008- “Soirée des arts, Carnaval Français” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON / Invited Francophone artists from North Bay/ Paintings.

2008- “ICE FOLLIES”, Installation on Lake Nipissing, National artist site specific Biannual Art Show, (by invitation only) (Canada Council Grant) /Title: Rewind in Fast Forward, prism shaped hut structure with sculpture, mixed media, assisted by artist Jeremy Bean. Other participating artists include: Jeannie Thib, Nicole Dextras, Donald Lawrence, Peetr Nichol, and others, hosted by the WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON

2007- “RACINES ROMPUES” @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON /Paintings

2006- “NORTHERN LIGHTS” @ the WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON /Digital Sound-Art piece, titled: “Evolution of Man”.              

2004- “COLLISION” @ The Long Haul, Montreal, QC.  Title of my interactive mixed-media sculpture and sound art piece: “In My Head”. 

2004- “NOWHERE” @ Gallery 303, The Belgo Building, Montreal, QC/ Title of Installation piece with photography: “Trucks on Hwy 17".

2003- “BURNT” @ The Long Haul Gallery, Montreal, QC/ Art installation/Sound Art piece, title: “The Inquisition and Pharmaceuticals”.

Artist Talks

2019- "Gathering Creativity Conference", Artist Talk, @ NRCC Project Space, North Bay, ON.

2018- "Creative Summit" /Creative Industries, Panel Discussion, on Professional Artist careers. @ WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON.

2018- "Creative Summit" /Creative Industries, Panel Discussion, on Truth and Reconciliation and Art and Indigenous Education. @ North Bay Museum, North Bay, ON. 


2006- “NORTHERN LIGHTS” I was curator partnered with Dermot Wilson (director of the WKP Kennedy Gallery) @ the WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON. The show included 4 local contemporary artists work combined with artworks from the galleries permanent collection.  


2010- Ontario Arts Council-French sector, ‘Conseil des Arts de l’Ontario’ invited jury member for Arts in Education: group/gallery recipients and for Artists in Education: individual recipients. Toronto, Ontario.


Grants and Awards

2014 - CBACH: Coordinating Body Arts Culture Heritage, Multi Disciplinary Artist Award for contributing to the North Bay's arts and culture society.

2007- Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant.

Artist Residency Abroad

2019- Arquetopia, Urubamba, Peru. A 3 week mentorship residency where I learned traditional Quechua style weaving with an Indigenous Quechua weaver. The residency also included academic research and inquiry on the performative aspects of weaving, as well as the symbolism in textiles as well as gender roles and the impacts of colonialism on weaving. Discussions via Skype with directors and artists were integral to the round table discussions on the peer reviewed articles provided and discourse of the residency. 


Visual Arts Educator and Artist in Residence

2019- Artist in Residence with Roots and Wings Theatre Group, working with Indigenous Youth, Bear Island, Temagami First Nation, ON.

2019- Artist in Residence with MABELLE Arts, Lead in an Interactive Art Installation in courtyard with asylum seekers in Etobicoke, ON.

2012 to present- Artist in Residence as a Multi-disciplinary Métis Artist with the Near North District School Board in Elementary and Highs schools in North Bay, South River, Sundridge, Emsdale, Magnetawan, and Corbeil. 

2018 to present- Workman Arts: “Art Fix” Artist Facilitator, working in Fiber/Textile Art, Paint, and Sculpture, at White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON

2018- Artistic Process, and Silk Screen Printing Workshops with Indigenous Youth, Bear Island. Two different groups: Canoe Build Youth Project, and Roots and Wings Theatre Group. Temagami First Nation, ON.

2016- Mental Health "Zine" making workshop at White Water Gallery, with HANDS.

2015 to present- Artist in Residency, various Near North District Elementary and High Schools 

2015/17- Intermediate Art teacher for the Near North District School Board

2013- Canadore College, invited lecturer in the class: "Mino Bimaadiziwin" (Good Life in Ojibway), speaking about First Nations and Métis contemporary artists, and the self portrait.

2013- Private Visual Art Lessons, after school students in private small group setting.

2013- Private workshops for all ages from my home, with a focus on process, fiber arts, painting, and narratives in art.

2012- Widdifield Secondary School, taught grade 11 musical theatre students about costume design, history of costume, and tips on how to research and create their own costumes.

2011/12- Nipissing University, Student Success, series of guest lectures, including interactive creation of Environmental Fiber Art Installation, and creation of Zine style cookbooks.

2011/13- Indigo Imagination Art Camp, synesthetic visual art based day camps with drama/dance/music, based on my own programming. For kids aged 7 to 11, one week full day program camps based out my backyard and home.

2010 - "Living Through the Arts", art for art sake instructor, Royal Conservatory, contracts working at L’Arche Community Living, North Bay ON, working with adults with disabilities.

2010- “Artstars” Mentor: Invited guest artist at the WKP Kennedy Gallery to be an artist mentor for their “Artstars” children’s art classes/summer camp.

2011/2011 –City of North Bay, Parks and Recreation after school art classes, 4 different locations in fall, winter and spring programs, North Bay, ON.

2009- “Dance, Draw, Drum”, children’s winter break day camp at Vinyasa Yoga studio/ program created and instructed by myself and Cristina Lela. 

2006 (to present)- "Learning Through the Arts" visual arts, dance, and music instructor, Royal Conservatory, teaching in several elementary and intermediate schools in Sudbury, North Bay, Emsdale ON, and Winnipeg, MA. 

2005/2006- "Art Stars" instructor, children’s art classes @ the WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON

2002- "Garderie Soleil", Centre Yvon Brunet integrated daycare proprietor, art mandated daycare based on synesthetic learning (through my own developed programming), with an exchange program of interactive creative activities (dance, art, singing, play) between the children and the retirement home residents. 

2001- “Club des Minis” art/craft/dance/singing activity program for pre-schoolers, City of Montréal, Montreal, QC.

Community Arts and Volunteering

2020- Potter's Guild Member/Kiln Committee, North Bay, ON

2019 to preset- Planning Committee, Creative Industries North Bay, ON

2018 to present- Board of Directors, NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art), South River, ON.

2016- Arts Night, MA Wittick Public School, Weaving Workshop, Burks Falls, ON.

2016- Makwa Jiimaan: Deep Water Deep Roots, the Temagami birch bark Canoe Build, Bear Island, Temagami FN, ON.

2015- Arts Night, MA Wittick Public School, Printmaking Workshop, Burks Falls, ON.

2015-Arts Night- Alliance French Immersion Public School, "Dream Weaving" Community Weaving Project. NB, ON.

2015- Community Recycled Shopping-Bag-Making Project, with hand screen printed enviro-team logo, Alliance French Immersion Public School, North Bay, ON. 

2014 -Invited to lead watercolour workshops for the Chippewa RaiderAid "Water Festival", at Lake Nipissing, ON.

2011/12- “Life Skills”, at risk girls and boys groups from gr. 8 to gr.12, Near North District School Board, North Bay, ON -explored different visual arts activities for personal growth.  

2005/6- Board of Directors Cabinet chair, WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON

2003/04- On site artist/painter, Fringe Festival, Parkette Rachel, Montreal, ON.

1994- Programming Director, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON.

1993/4- Board of Directors Cabinet chair, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON


Related Professional and Performance Experience

2018/19- "Material Witness", Costumes and Props for Aanmitaagzi, Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, ON.

2019 (since 1995) - Chickweed Designs, my own personal upcycled and screen printed one-of-a-kind clothing line, made from recycled clothing/ designer and seamstress. 

2007 to 2009- “HIBOU BOUTIQUE”: co-owner, North Bay, Ont.  One of a kind designs, art and craft, and photography, eco boutique representing artists from North Bay, Montreal, and Ottawa.

2007- Collaborative performance piece/music, overhead live drawing, music performance, and dance at WKP Kennedy Gallery with Liz Lott and Cristina Lela. 

2007- Sudbury New Arts Festival-Collaborative Performance audio/visual sound art performance

2005/2006- “THAT BEAUTIFUL SOMEWHERE” - Assistant Costume Designer for big budget Toronto film, starring Roy Dupuis /premiered at the Montreal Film Festival /filmed in the North Bay/Temagami area.

2003- L’ARTERIE BOUTIQUE. Eight women, myself included, founded this artist co-op, of 30 members plus, celebrating the art and craft movement in Mile End. Montreal, QC. 

2003-Collaborative performance, electronic sound art with Squivo, The Long Haul Gallery, opening of BURNT, Montreal, QC

2002- Canal Lachine Parade: I designed and made all of the props and 2 major floats for the opening celebration of the new locks, of the Lachine Canal, employed by the city of Montreal. Montreal, QC.

2002-Performance art collaboration and electro-acoustic sound art performance-Fundraiser to save Elle Corazon Women’s Centre in Montreal, called “Dirty Laundry” with Vanessa Yanow.

1995 (since 1991)- Chapeau Sirène, one-of-a-kind hats and wire wrap and  beaded jewelry company.

1991-2- Turquoise, a small group who presented random street performances based on improv movement and sound art made with found objects, with environmental themes.


Fundraiser Visual Art Show Participation


2019- International Women's Day Exhibit @ NRCC, North Bay, Ont.

2017, Paddle Project @ NRCC Project Space, North Bay, Ont.

2012-Small is Powerful @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2011- 3B Fashion Show @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/ North Bay, Ont.

2010- Alice in Wonderland @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2009-Paddle Project @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2009-Small is Powerful @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2008-Paddle Project @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2008-Small is Powerful @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2007-Canvas Chair   @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2007-Small is Powerful @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2006-Small is Powerful @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

2003- Dirty Laundry @ Elle Corazon/ Montreal Quebec.

1994-Bear Chair Project @ WKP Kennedy Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

1993-WWG Member’s Art Auction @White Water Gallery/North Bay, Ont.

1993- Furniture Frenzy @White Water Gallery/North Bay, Ont.




-CBACH Award Ceremony video clip Christine Charette on being an artist, Recipient of the Multi-Disciplinary Artist Award


-Home, Site Specific Installation at Warbler’s Roost


-Ontario Craft Council “Craft Current” online catalogue:


-Chickweed Designs: by Christine Charette Facebook page


-Interview from Ice Follies 2008


-Mechanical Wings/Les ailes méchaniques

More artwork images and community work:



Christine Charette est une artiste franco-métisse multidisciplinaire qui travaille de manière intuitive et métaphorique. Originaire de North Bay, Charette a vécu à Vancouver, London, Toronto et à Montréal. Depuis 1991, ses activités professionnelles incluent des explorations dans les domaines d’art visuel, drame, et danse. Ses exposition explorent plusieurs thèmes par la photographie, la peinture, les textiles, la sérigraphie, le dessin, la sculpture d’objets recyclés, des installations, de la vidéo, poésie, et du son. Elle a eu de nombreuses expositions : à London en Ontario, North Bay, Powassan, South River et à Montréal. Dans son travail, Charette explore des thèmes tels que l’identité, le travail des femmes, la maison, l’isolement, la maternité, l’environnement, les cycles naturels et l’ancien.

Titulaire d’un baccalauréat avec distinction en beaux-arts de l’Université Nipissing, et un baccalauréat en éducation en arts visuels et en anglais, elle enseigne les multi-arts depuis l’an 2000 dans divers milieux privés et publics. Charette était un instructeur du Conservatoire Royal pour le programme Apprendre par les arts, en arts visuels, en arts plastiques, et en musique et danse culturel pour tous les âges. Charette mêle ses compétences dans ses leçons d'art, intégrant ainsi des couches de connaissances artistiques dans un processus d'apprentissage complet. Christine croit que les enfants sont les visionnaires du monde. « Garder une manière enfantine expressif comme vision, et le garder en vie chez les autres, pour moi signifie un aspect d’être artiste », dit Charette. « Et lorsque nous permettons la sagesse et les expériences culturelles de pénétrer notre langage expressif, notre expérience humaine approfondit à plusieurs niveaux. Quand nous n'exprimons pas notre créativité, nous manquons toute l'expérience humaine. "

Charette a semé ses graines d'artiste très jeune. Beaucoup de temps a été passer dans le magasin de tissus de sa grand-mère. Passant ses doigts à travers des bacs de morceaux de tissu assortis a lancé son voyage dans le monde tactile de l’art multidisciplinaire. Stimulée par la couleur et la texture du tissu, elle se souvient également de plonger ses mains dans des bacs de boutons lisses où l’impression durable était faite par le stimulus esthétique et le mystère de ce qui se trouvait dessous. Charette croit que c'est à ce moment-là qu'elle a commencé à développer son sens aigu de la couleur, de la forme, du son et du désir de motif. Toutes les œuvres textiles qu’elle a vécues et réalisées durant son enfance continuent d’influencer ses œuvres aujourd’hui. « Le processus intuitif auquel je fais appel, tire certainement sur le fil que j'ai dans ce monde passé de machines à coudre, épingles, motifs et fibres." Sa mère, sa tante, et ses grand-mères sont les matriarches qui jouent un rôle important dans son travail, directement ou indirectement, à travers des récits de ménagère, de réparation, d’identité et d’environnement.